"Discover How To Master Your Stroke,
Make More Shots, Build Your Confidence
And Consistency And Develop A
Mastermind Winning Strategy
In Your Pool Games …"

You'll uncover the same secret weapons and strategies used by championship players that will unleash the hidden skilled pool player that's hiding inside you … and take your game to the next level.

Dear Pool Player,

You're about to discover what may turn out to be the most powerful and effective pool performance program ever developed. These are the same methods used by top players--the masters--to win championships all the time.

.....If you want to improve your consistency, master your game and surprise your opponents every time, then take the next few minutes to read every word on this page. It will be worth your time ten times over, and is guaranteed take you to the next level in mastering the game of pool.

Here's just a sample of what you can expect …

  • Learn the most common mistakes pool players make in their games and how to avoid them. You'll know how to strengthen your game and become the player you always hoped to be.
  • How to use your natural instinct, feel and rhythm to build consistency in your shots. You'll be able to sense your shots even before you make them! And make more to them …
  • Discover "The Monk Clicks" sighting system and how this can get you out of a tight spot when that shot is on the line. Soon you'll adopt this system as a natural part of your shooting process like other champion pool players. You sight it. You feel it. You shoot it.
  • Uncover the little known secret that the masters of this game use when spinning the cue ball. This "Back English" system will reduce the amount of deflection you experience with center hits on the cue ball giving you more control.
  • Find out how to develop the psychological techniques of creating the mindset of a winner. Every game is won in your head before it's won on the board. You'll learn how to master yourself and therefore your game.

.....In addition, you'll also discover …

  • The "Four Strokes" of pool and why having these under your belt can explode your skills quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Just like the musician must master his scales so the pool player must master these strokes to play 'music' at the table.
  • How to use these Four Strokes to gain control of the track line of the cue ball AFTER you've pocketed your shots. You already know that just making a shot is not enough but you must also be able to position the cue ball to sink the next ball.
  • Why the punch stroke is the most popular stroke in pool and a simple exercise you can use to become a pro at it. Top players such as Willie Mosconi used the punch stroke over 70% of the time. After completing this simple exercise you'll be able to perform this stroke with your eyes closed -literally.
  • How to strike the cue ball so that you never change the natural track line of the ball or its speed. Predicting how the ball behaves in this case will allow you to manipulate the cue ball so it changes this natural track line. You'll agree this game is all about ball control.
  • Why so many players shoot too high in the cue ball and mistakenly call this a 'follow stroke'. Learn the proper way that the follow stroke should be executed and the tricks that will make you a veteran in no time.
  • A simple exercise you can do to prove for yourself how the stroke determines the track line of the ball. In this exercise you'll make the same shot of the ball in the corner pocket using different strokes with the cue ball settling in four very different positions.
  • The surprising discovery of a player who always missed the same shot only to learn that it was all due to a vision defect. Find out if this can be a problem for you and how to overcome it without seeing the eye doctor.
  • How to determine if your slow progress at pool can be caused by using an inferior cue. No, it's not always your fault why you missed that shot.
  • Why the 'bunt' stroke is such a powerful weapon and the "Touch No Rail" exercise you can perform to become skilled at this stroke. When you're called upon to make this difficult stroke in a match you'll be more than prepared.
  • Why the draw stroke is the most abused stroke in pool and why so many players misuse this stroke and end up with terrible positions.
  • The four different types of draw strokes and how many times the difference between winning and losing depends on your ability to use the right draw stroke.
  • The correct stroke to use to bring the cue ball back to you and how to have complete control over the speed and position of the ball in different situations. Tip: It has to do with where you strike the cue ball, the action from your wrist and the amount of spin you give to the ball.
  • How to move the cue ball from your object ball and then back towards you when making a shot at a slight angle. This skill will come in very handy at the most critical moments.
  • Why the "snip" draw is such a vital skill and a simple exercise you can do to improve this skill. This requires a little patience but when you master this shot you'll be using it to win many games!
  • Why it is so important for you to memorize the feel and sound of the cue stick against the ball so that you can even make a shot with your eyes closed and know it's successful. This is a lot more important than you may think at first.
  • How to use the spin stroke to control the speed of the cue ball off one or more rails. Even though many teachers today fail to teach this vital stroke it was used very often by the old masters. This stroke can also be used when you want to widen the track line line off the rail.
  • How to use emotional "anchors" to make you a more relaxed and confident player. Did you know that you perform almost the same gestures when you're certain you'll make that shot? Find out what this is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Why the 2-7-2 series is your doorway and foundation to a championship performance. You'll want to take your time to master this series because the rewards are just unbelievable. This series can make all the difference in the level attain in this game.
  • 22 Lesson and exercises you can perform on your own to master the 2-7-2 series in minimum time. Each lesson comes with full diagrams and clear instructions on what to do and expect from each activity. You'll be flying with the eagles after mastering these.
  • The best stroke to use when breaking and how this was discovered by pure accident while the author was in a basement!
  • How to perform the "stun exercise" to develop the perfect stance for the stun stroke. You'll learn the 10 checkpoints to ensure that you have the correct positioning each time. This will build your consistency with this important stroke.
  • The Monk's Famous 13 Ball Exercise. Students who complete this exercise swear by it. They all claim that it improved their games by leaps and bounds. After completing a tough match of 9 ball do this exercise and you'll be amazed at how your stroke has gotten out of sync.
  • How to hone your shooting skills by using the "Touch No Rails" exercise. You'll find this exercise both challenging and rewarding at the same time.
  • How to use The Monk Billiard academy score sheet to measure your progress and find out your weaknesses. This "midterm" assessment will point out the kinks in your game and force you to be a better player.
  • The correct stance to take for different shots that works best for YOU. Every player has a different physical built and you'll know how to determine what works best for you.
  • What is the "Slide" Rule and how to use these types of shots to slow the cue ball down. This will give you advance speed control over the ball.
  • Over 20 exercises to get you prepared for difficult shots. If you can master these before the game then each game will become just one shot at a time. Think of your game in this way and you'll have less pressure placed on you.
  • How to use low outside English to make shots that you thought were impossible to make.
  • How to go on the offensive with the "shocker effect" and leave your opponent stunned and confused. Use this strategy to get the mental advantage over your competitor.
  • 14 Workout exercises including the "Fearsome Foursome" and "The Monk's Famous 14 Ball" exercise. You'll be amazed at what you can do with each of these shots.
  • How the first shot is often your key shot and how to use it to get to your desired position every time.
  • Why one student refers to this as the "pattern from hell" and how concentration, some perseverance and a little luck can bring you through successfully. Now you know that you're ready for the championship games.
  • How to improve your strategy by learning the "Grady crunch". This is a shot made famous by Grady Matthews and now you can master this when you understand the technique he used.
  • The 7 rules followed by all smart pool players. This is not a game of just strokes and shots but strategy and cunning. Follow these valuable tips and stay one step ahead of your opponent every time.

.....All this and more will get your game up to speed and faster than you expect. You see, once you take care of the fundamentals then everything else falls into place.

.....Do you know what a football coach does anytime his team doesn't perform as they should? You've got it … He takes them right back to the basics of the game. This proven manual will get you mastering the basics and on the road to becoming an admired pool player.

Here's Why You'll Want To Trust The Monk
With Improving Your Game …

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction …

.....And this is one such case. Because in 1983 Tim Miller - The Monk - traveled to the wilderness of the Upper Peninsular of Michigan to study the fine art of pool. He wanted to take billiards instruction to a higher plane.

.....So copying the meditative disciplines of the monastic Tibet, he subjected himself to a rigorous program of isolation, contemplation and meditation.


.....Because he wanted to understand and explain the principles of direction, speed and collision which make up the game of pool. He also wanted to achieve a higher level of concentration and performance. That was the birthplace of The Lesson.

.....He now runs The Monk's Billiard Academy and rates as one of the best and most talked-about trainers in the world of competitive pool play. It is estimated that he has watched over ten thousand matches being played by developing players just like you. His hands-on experience is unmatched by any other instructor today.

.....His Billiard Academy has graduated many champion players including Suzanne Bosselman ...

"I Used The Monk's Training Program To Have A Dream Year In 1995"

"When I began Playing Pool, I didn't intend to become a professional player.

Like you I simply wanted to be good at playing this game, enjoying a consistent performance that was up to my capabilities.

I used the Monk's "Focus On Winning" program to have a dream year in 1995."

Suzanne Bosselman 1995 Record:

1995 Player Of The Year, New England Women's 9-Ball Tour
1995 BCA North American Women's Open 8-Ball Champion
1995 Grand Slam 8-Ball Champion
1995 Boston 9-Ball Classic Champion
1995 New England Hall Of Fame 9-Ball Champion (2 times)

So What Does This means To You?

You're guaranteed to become a better player much faster than by any other route you can take. You'll gain better control of the ball, more consistency in your shots and a winning confidence that can take you places.

.....The Monk knows what it takes to motivate you even when you stop believing in yourself and you'll blossom as a total player. There are many masters of the game who couldn't explain how and why they do what they do. That's not a big surprise. Simply because you're great at a task doesn't mean you'll be a good teacher.

.....But that's where The Monk really shines. He not only understands the game but knows how to communicate that understanding to his students.

.....You'll find yourself making shots that you thought were impossible to make. It doesn't matter what your ability, age or starting point is. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily your game starts to improve.

.....Best of all, you can learn at your own pace by simply taking The Lesson to the table and practice using the suggested exercises. Yes, once you get this book in your hands you'll discover everything you need to know in an easy lesson-by-lesson format.

"The Monk's teachings gives me the confidence to execute the shot in front of me."

I choose The Monk as my mentor because I believe in what he teaches. He has proven results with the students he has worked with and I admire and appreciate his teaching style. ...

His approach to the game benefits all players at every level. Before I met The Monk, I would only shoot certain shots a certain way because I did not know any better. Learning the track lines and the Monk 101 program has opened my eyes to a whole new world and allowed me really tap into the cue tip through the cue ball. Understanding and utilizing The Monk's teachings gives me the confidence to execute the shot in front of me.

I strengthened my break out shots, cue ball speed, position play, cue ball control, and much, much more. Whether you are an advanced player or a beginner, you are sure to learn something from The Monk products.

- Sammantha Diep, 2004 Valley Women's Open 9-ball in Las Vegas in May of 2004.

.....You're about to see immediate improvement in your game level and you'll dazzle your opponents who'll want to explain your new playing performance as 'luck'.

I've Heard Enough, Tell Me How To Get
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Even if you've taken other lessons before you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results you get from using The Lesson.

.....In fact, this sought after manual contains the same material that is covered by students who pay $700 for the three day program at The Monk Billiard Academy. The Lesson

… took up to ten years to assemble
… has produced champions all over the world
… is your guide to a new and exciting game
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is the finest book ever written on pool skill development

.....But you wouldn't have to travel to the academy or pay anything close to $700 for this same training. Your small investment is only $39.95!


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... Here's My No-Hard-Feelings,
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You can use The Lesson Training Program absolutely risk free for six months! If you find that your games hasn't dramatically improved in that time, then just return the entire materials within six months of your date of purchase and I'll promptly issue you a full refund.... Fair Enough?

.....The small investment you're making now will bring the break that you've been waiting for.

.....Wouldn't you be thrilled to know that you can walk up to the pool table with confidence knowing that you're not guessing your way around anymore?

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.....You deserve the opportunity to improve your skills now and leave old opponents and friends alike shocked with how fast you've improved.

.....The bottom line is that the tools have been made available to you and it's now up to you to make full use of them. It's now your time to dig into the mind of a master trainer and uncover the secrets that have made champions.

.....Why settle for the mediocre when you can have excellence? This is the opportunity to excel at your pool game that you've been waiting for.

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Full Name

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Autoresponder Series for The Lesson by The Monk


(Instant response, Day 0)

Subject: {firstname}, here's your report ...

Dear {first name},

Thank you for requesting this valuable report. You may
go here to read it now:


If you have any questions I'll be happy to discuss this with you.
Just shoot me an email. I hope that you benefit greatly from
these breakthrough lessons.

May all the rolls go your way!


PS I'll be in touch with you soon!


(Message 1, Day 1)

Subject: {firstname}, Alexander the Great and pool?

Dear {first name},

Alexander the Great was one of the most well known kings of all
time. But did you know that Alexander was taught by Aristotle,
one of most well known philosophers of all time?

What's the point?

You often hear about a great player but seldom about the coach.
But if you want to be a great pool player then you need to seek
out a great teacher!

Tim Miller - "The Monk" - is one of the masters of teaching pool.
Since 1983 after traveling to the wilderness of the Upper
Peninsular of Michigan for a 'mystic' experience that catapulted
him into the higher disciplines of the game, he has been
training championship level pool players ever since.

For example, his student Suzanne Bosselman was the 1995 BCA North
American Women's Open 8-Ball Champion. She also went on to win
four other top-level championships that same year!

The training material produced by The Monk Billiard Academy is
considered some of the top training resources in the world of

If you want to take your game to the next level, The Monk WILL get
you there.

The best way to start this journey towards excellence in pool is
with "The Lesson - A Handbook for Enlightened Students" This
manual contains all 166 lessons taught by The Monk at his 3-day
Billiard Academy. In it you'll discover:

** How to use your natural instinct, feel and rhythm to
build consistency in your shots. You'll be able to sense your
shots even before you make them! And make more to them …

** How to use the 'Four Strokes' to gain control of the
track line of the cue ball AFTER you've pocketed your shots. You
already know that just making a shot is not enough but you must
also be able to position the cue ball to sink the next ball.

** Why the draw stroke is the most abused stroke in pool
and why so many players misuse this stroke and end up with
terrible positions.

** The 7 rules followed by all smart pool players. This is
not a game of just strokes and shots but strategy and cunning.
Follow these valuable tips and stay one step ahead of your
opponent every time.

** And a LOT more …

Go here to secure you copy now ..


Remember that if you want to be a great pool player then raw
talent isn't enough. Alexander the Great had it … but he also
needed a great teacher!

Get The Monk on your side right away …


May all the rolls go your way!


PS There is also a surprise bonus waiting for you if you act


(Message 2, Day 2)

Subject: {first name}, how did she do it?

Dear {first name},

Remember I told you about Suzanne Bosselman who in 1995
won five top level pool championships? Just look at her record:

** Player Of The Year, New England Women's 9-Ball Tour
** BCA North American Women's Open 8-Ball Champion
**Grand Slam 8-Ball Champion
** Boston 9-Ball Classic Champion
** New England Hall Of Fame 9-Ball Champion (2 times)

What would you give to play at such level and with such

Well, how did she do it? Here's Suzanne's answer in her own
"When I began Playing Pool, I didn't intend to become a
professional player.

Like you I simply wanted to be good at playing this game,
enjoying a consistent performance that was up to my

I used the Monk's … program to have a dream year in 1995."

In fact, Suzanne goes on to say that all the shots that she used
were from The Lesson book.


Suzanne's "secret" weapon can transform you into a new and improved
player as well. And you won't have to pay $700 like she did for
the same lessons. For less than $40 you can have all her "secrets"
at your fingertips.

I know that you're smart enough to know that the shortest route
to being successful is just to copy a successful person.

If she did it, so can you!

May all the rolls go your way!


PS Suzanne is one of the calmest pool players you'll ever
meet. I tell you a little later how you can 'meet' her.


(Message 3, Day 4)

Subject: {first name}, has this ever happened to you?

Dear {first name},

Did this ever happen to you …?

You're playing a very important match. Things are coming down to
the nail-biting stages. You've one last shot to make. If you
make this shot you're the winner. You sight your shot. You take
your stance. You make your stroke. ….. Grrr! You missed the

Then you call yourself some unkind names. Why? Because you've
made that same shot a million times!

So what really went wrong? Why would you miss a shot that you've
made so many times before?

Well, it's not in your stroke but all in your MIND.

Yes, there are interference that come from your own
confusion about winning. You want to win but you're not sure you
want the responsibility of winning. So you lost the 'inner' game.

You see pool playing involves more than just your body … It's
like a 90% mental game.

Remember how The Monk took his journey in Michigan to clear and
discipline his mind? Why do you think they nicknamed him "The

In The Lesson, you'll also learn how to get rid of those mental
distractions that get in the way of the champion in you.


"Though you may master a thousand men a thousand times, the great
warrior is the one who masters self"

Learn to master the pool warrior within you …

May all the rolls go your way!


PS In The Lesson, The Monk tells a funny story about a
"vision" he received while playing pool in a locked basement.
Well, what can I say? He's The Monk, remember?


(Message 4, Day 6)

Subject: {first name}, here's a tip …

Dear {first name},

Sometimes just one tip can make all the difference in your game.
How's that for a tip?

Well here are few tips shared by The Monk in The Lesson:

** Always 'anchor' your successful shots with positive feelings.
If you do the same thing before you make a good shot this will
help you to make more shots. The Monk, for example, touches the
tip of his hat just before he shoots.

** Always stay in your position until the ball stops rolling.

** Focus on the shot in front of you instead of thinking about
winning the game

** You need to practice until you can sight the cue ball
automatically because pool is a game of instinct, feel and
rhythm. You must be able to sense the shot before you make the

Sprinkled throughout the 166 lessons you'll find bits of wisdom
that The Monk has picked up from watching over ten thousand

That's a hard number to beat…


But you don't have to watch that many matches before you can
benefit from these eye openers. And sometimes just one tip can
get you over a bad spot in your game that's preventing you form
going to the next level.

So here's my final tip to you …

Get The Lesson if you haven't done so already …


May all the rolls go your way!


PS Do you know the "Ten Commandments" of pool? You can find
them on page 17.


(Message 5, Day 9)

Subject: {first name}, 7 reasons why I love The Lessons

Dear {first name},

I thought that I'll share with you a few things that I like about
The Lesson. I'm sure that you'll agree that these are important
factors that any training manual should have.

1. The Lesson was written by a real teacher. The Monk has been
involved pool education for over 30 years now. That's a LOT of
teaching experience. Even if you're not interested in becoming a
championship level player but just want to win that game with a
friend who keeps beating you then this manual is for you.

2. Every lesson comes with clear diagrams and illustrations to
help you get the most out of your practice sessions.

3. This comes in book form so you can easily take The Lesson
with you to the table as you follow through each lesson.

4. Saves you hundreds of dollars over taking the course live.

5. You can review what you don't understand as many times as you
which. There's no pressure to complete any lesson. You can
therefore work at your own pace.

6. These are not just physics lessons about angles and colliding
balls ( in other words just a bunch of theories) but real-life
experiences written in an easy-to-understand format.

7. At the end of each lesson there is a special "thought for the
day" that helps to program your mind for success--to win.

Those are MY seven reasons. What would yours be?


May all the rolls go your way!


PS I really love this 'thought for the day' on page 78 -
"There is always something to overcome. That is why I


(Message 6, Day 12)

Subject: {first name}, it's not always your fault

Dear {first name},

Who haven't (some time in their lives) blame themselves when it
wasn't really their fault? But if you didn't know any better then
this is the easiest escape route to take.

You hear these comments all the time …

"I'll never get any better at this game!"

"This game's not for me, maybe other people".

"Maybe I'm just too old and I don't have a steady hand."

Whatever you may be muttering to yourself, you may have a hurdle
to overcome that's blocking your way to bettering your game.

For example, The Monk gives two such cases in The Lesson.

One student kept missing the same shot over and over again. It
was only on closer observation that The Monk realized that the
player was hitting just to the left of the center of the cue ball
when they thought they were hitting the exact center.

It turned out that the player had a vision problem. After
compensating for this he made the shot. If this wasn't pointed
out he would have given up in frustration.

Another time, while in Las Vegas, The Monk noticed that another
student was having problems making a certain shot. After several
attempts The Monk gave the student his cue stick. The shot was
pocketed this time.

The culprit? Poor quality cue stick.

There may be many such "simple things" that may be spoiling your
game without you knowing it. … It's not always your fault.

But if you haven't ordered The Lesson as yet that WILL be
your fault. :)


May all the rolls go your way!


PS Check out the thought at the bottom of page 143 … you'll
love it!


(Message 7, Day 15)

Subject: {first name}, it's more than your game …

Dear {first name},

Congratulations if you've already ordered The Lesson …

But if you haven't as yet … frankly, I must say that I'm

I know that you want to improve your game or you wouldn't have
signed up for this report. So what's standing in your way?

I know it cannot be the small investment. Because at just $39.95
for 166 lessons you're really only paying 24 cents per lesson!
That's more than a bargain by any standard.

Remember that you're not just getting words on paper but you're
really investing in your game -- and your life.

You see, whenever you set out to accomplish something and you
reach that goal it only leads to success in other areas of your
life. The discipline you'll derive from playing pool will also
help you improve your life in general--even if you're trying to
lose weight!

Even if you play pool just for recreational fun then you can have
more fun when you win--but it's more than just winning.

It's knowing that you believed in yourself and stuck to your guns
and reached your goals. There's nothing that really comes close
to that feeling.

It's time to take that first step … You know you deserve it.


Because it's more than just your game … It's about YOU!

May all the rolls go your way!


PS Send me an email and let me know how your game is improving
and how I can help you further.

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