WARNING: If making a ton of money quickly and easily without leaving your home or selling anything makes you feel guilty then please DO NOT read this page ... !


"At Last! The Dummy-Proof Way Of Setting
Up Your Own DAILY Profit Machine In The eCurrency Exchange Market --
*110%* Guaranteed ..."


Dear Friend,

Prepare NOT to believe the opportunity I'm about to share with you!

In fact, when I first got wind of this incredible home business all my defenses went up to "code red" status and all the alarms blasted in my head, "Pure Hype, Hold on to your money!!"

I was shocked when I discovered this hidden yet simple surefire strategy to make money right from your home with so little effort. You too will soon appreciate why I first thought this was just "too good to be true." (You may even think the same.)

Because to "work" this business you need:

  • No website
  • No customers
  • No advertising budget
  • No special country to live in
  • No products to order
  • No downline … so NOT an MLM
  • No mailing list
  • No big monetary investment
  • No special skills … if you can fill a form on a website then you're set!
  • No huge time investment
  • No selling skills … you don't have to sell anything
  • No prior experience
  • No internet marketing skills whatsoever

I told you that you're not going to believe me. By now you may be wondering, "Well what's the catch?" And there's no catch … I know that this doesn't help my case but just hang in there. You'll be happy you did.


Hi, my name is Gary Jezorski and you can relax because I'm not going to try to convince you that I'm some kind of investment or home business guru or anything close to that. In fact, I'm sure this may be the first time that you're hearing about me.

You see, this letter is NOT really about me but the system that I've put in place to help other entrepreneurs make a ton of money 99% risk-free in what I consider the easiest way possible online.

It's really like taking candy from a baby.

If you're looking for a second source of income without leaving your present job then look no further. If you even want to replace your current income and do this fulltime you could but I don't know what you'll do with all the extra free time this business affords you.

This takes so little time (maybe 30 minutes the most per day) that you'll run the serious risk of getting lazy and 'spoilt'. But it's your choice!

I ran into this business over a year ago when I was looking for a way to supplement my income without taking away precious time I wanted to spend with my young children. (By the way, as I write this letter the entire family is planning a 2-week camping trip!) Did I say "supplement"? Well, I've made over $XXXX in the past year starting with only a $200 investment!


So What's This Unbelievable Home Business?

It's called "Electronic Currency Exchanging" or "e-Currency Trading".

Now as I mention this, just let me say right up front that this is NOT forex, HYIP or day trading of any sorts. A few people tend to get these confused at times. And I really can't blame them because e-currency trading is a relatively unknown business as far as the home business market is concerned. This was just the secret money pipeline for a few people 'in the know'.

Not anymore though ... (read on to see why.)

So let me try and explain how this business works. At the same time let me just 'warn' you that you DON'T have to understand the intricacies of the business in order to profit from it. I'm sure that those who made millions from their early Microsoft stocks can't program a line of software or may not even know how to operate a computer! Get the point?

You really don't have to understand HOW the business works to profit from it. All you need to know is how to benefit from this profit machine. So don't be too concerned if you don't 'get it' the first time around.

There are some things you don't have to know how it works - only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends on which end of this you want to get in on. -Jim Rohn

Here goes: In a nutshell, you're investing in an "e-currency" which is actually a kind of shares of currency exchange companies located both in the US and around the world. You are then providing the liquidity (hard cash backing) to allow the e-currency trading to occur in the marketplace.

The company that you'll be temporarily "lending" your money to is able to borrow funds based on the dollars you make available to them and you then share in a proportionate amount of the commissions. So it's similar to having a saving account with a commercial bank and gaining interest from the bank's use of your money BUT it's not the same. In this model you make more money than with a bank and you have more control on how much you make!

The interest-ing thing (pun intended) about this business is that you'll know just how much money you'll make BEFORE you put your money into the system. There is practically therefore no risk on your part!! Unbelievable but true …


Easily Earn 2% to 4% Daily Profits!

This may just sound like marginal gains to you but remember we're talking about Daily Profits. You trade everyday and now you multiply that 2% to 4% by 365 and you could pull from 730% up to 1,460% per year!!

And that's with your initial investment of as little as $50. Reinvest your profits to compound your interest and this number could literally explode to over 5,000% annually. Are you beginning to feel the power of this system? And when you learn how quick and easy it is to get started you'll find it hard to sleep tonight.

In fact, most people are able to double their initial investment in less than 45 days. Your initial investment amount is up to you but I first 'tested' the system with $200. I thought at least if this is as good as they say then I could risk losing $200. (You can tell that I didn't believe that there was NO RISK! I mean, who would?)

So I started cautiously by investing only $200 into my e-Currency trading account. Once I felt comfortable with the system, and saw how quickly my profits were accumulating, then I 'stepped it up a notch' and really started making serious profits.

If you can be patient, you should do the same. Why patient? Instead of withdrawing your profits from your portfolio too quickly start small and reinvest your profits to grow your account value. The profits will start building so quickly that you really won't need to add any more money.

Here's a snapshot of my portfolio growth in a 10-day period ...

===> That's $4,832.63 pure profit in just 10 days!! <===

Of course, the more money you initially add the more you'll earn but as I said, the reinvested profits will grow a lot faster than you can imagine! This system is a real 'no-brainer' and you won't have to baby-sit the business in anyway. The process is practically automated once you make a few choices that I'll explain to you later.

Oh, and one more thing...the question people ask me over and over again: "Why tell everyone about this, won't it wreck it for you?" The answer is NO! The more traders, the better for everyone. Just think about it, does the stock market suffer from more traders...NO! It's the same here. We can all trade and all make a profit doing so.

But you need to learn to use the system correctly to benefit to your maximum potential. And that's where my training system comes in … Introducing …


"The Currency Exchange Profits
Video Training System"

When I first tried to get into this business I bought a thick manual along with some audio tapes. The system was hard to figure out at first and these "training" materials didn't help much. But with sheer will and effort to recoup my investment I finally broke the code and was able to make sense of all the 'chatter'.

There are some training manuals on the market (like those thick computer manuals that come with your latest software) that's supposed to make things easier for you and end up confusing you instead. Go figure …

So after over a year of using the system myself and making a pretty decent profit in the process I decided that I will cut all the fluff and present the just-what-you-need-to-know training material to get any newbie up and running in no time. This is training without the extra "fat and calories" … the real stuff.

Because I hated reading through all those boring steps just to perform one simple on-screen task I decided to show you instead of just tell you. So that's why I created this on-screen video training guide.

Now you can start your e-Currency trading business by simply following the on-screen video tutorials and copying each step ... it doesn't get any easier than this.

No More e-Books

100% On-Screen Computer Video Training

Why Waste Hours Reading?
Simple "Follow Along" Video
On Your Computer Screen


In this compact, shooting straight from the waist video training course you'll discover:

  • How to correctly set up your account in the quickest way possible. No guessing about what to do next and what boxes to omit and which to fill in.

  • The best electronic currencies to use and which to avoid like the plague.

  • Common mistakes that new 'investors' make and how to stay away from these time-wasting traps.

  • How to place your business on autopilot so you can do those things you really want to do ---like spending quality time with your significant others.

  • Shortcuts and techniques to reduce the amount of time you spend using the system. Remember time is money.

  • Special 'tricks of the trade' to make your portfolio grow really fast. These are not things that you're likely to just pick up 'by the way'. These are insider secrets that can get you making the BIG bucks fast. Why use trial and error?

  • Step-by-step 'hold you by the hands' guide so that you just can't go wrong even if you really try hard to.

  • How and when to take money out of your portfolio so you can spend it as you choose. Like taking that well deserved vacation with your family.

  • How to hold multiple accounts without breaking the terms of use for the system. (You'll really love this one.)

Here are the 3 reasons why I decided to choose the video format instead of just an ebook:

1. It's a proven fact that training through video improves both learning speed and retention. (Now you know why the Video Professor® does such good business.)

2. It's always quicker and easier to make a new video to reflect any update to the system (and there has been recent updates) than it is to update a manual. This means that you'll have the updates much faster rather than waiting for weeks.

3. A picture is still worth a thousand words. Rather than describing a screen and telling you what words to look for and where to click I can show you and tell you at the same time. This reduces the chances for you making costly mistakes.

So many people become intimidated by thick manuals provided by our competitors that they don't even want to start the business. I can assure you that with my video training system this won't happen to you. You'll see how easy it is to start right away-today!

And even if you still have questions after reviewing the videos my staff is just one phone call away, on hand to answer your questions. You'll also have access to a frequently asked questions (FAQ) archive in the members-only section of this website where more than likely your question was already asked and addressed before.

What People Are Saying About This Training Guide
And Incredible Opportunity

Just read below to find out what some people just like you are saying about the results they are getting from this program and video training. You don't have to be left out. Even if you've tried other programs and lost money this one is basically fail-proof.

The only way in which you can fail is if you do nothing with the secret information I'll share with you.

"From $500 to $1,700 In 2 Months!"

"This is the best investment program I have ever seen. I started with an investment of $500 and in two months it grew to over

-Jonathon Hensley


"$4,300 In 5 Months!"

"I had just about given up on making money online, as I tried multi level marketing, selling products and day trading and never made a dime on those. Since being involved with this since February my portfolio went from $900 to over $5,200!"

-Darvin Hughes


"Videos Made It Easy "

"I started with only $150 as I was skeptical and couldn't afford to risk much money. Took me a few days to get the steps down,
but the video really made it easy. I now have well over $800 in my portfolio."

-Katie Wilkes


"This Is The Best Thing I've Ever Seen!"

"I love the fact I don't have to sell, recruit, or advertise. I simply use my own money to invest and then monitor my portfolio and watch it grow each day. This is the best thing I have seen! This is one testimonial I'm happy to write for you guys…thanks for the support!

-Bill Tenold


"So How Much Do I Need To
Invest In This Training System?"

If you chose to start off by investing $200 in your portfolio at 2% - 4% daily profit you could be making thousands per month if you reinvest most of your profit. Other people will want to take the bull by the horn and go for the big numbers like $5,000. It all depends on your budget and how fast you want to rake in the profits.

The point her is that you could be easily making over $5,000 per month from this system with less than 5 hours 'work' per week. That's a lot more than the average American monthly income. And this is so easy that it should be illegal but it's not. In fact, you'll feel guilty about how easily you're pulling in the fast cash!

I see some other training courses selling for as much as $750 PLUS a monthly fee for continual consultation and training. Even though you can make back that money in no time I couldn't in fair conscience charge you that much. That's why I've decided to set my price at less than half that amount.

Yes, you'll pay only $299 for access to my training videos, FAQ and more so, FREE telephone consultation with me. So if at any point you're stuck or have a question, I, or one of my team members, will be just one phone call away.

You can choose to watch these videos on your computer screen immediately after successful payment or request a CD by mail with all the videos included. Either way you'll have instant access. All you need is Windows Media Player and the Macromedia Flash player to view these files. Most Windows computers will have these already installed. If not, you'll get simple instructions on how to view the video files.


"What About Your Guarantee?"

After viewing our videos and using our personal support, we guarantee that you will double your account value by trading with our system. If you don't (but you will), we'll gladly accept a return of our videos and refund 110% of your purchase price.

That's how confident we are that you'll DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!

We just ask these two things of you:

1. That you trade a minimum of 5-days week for 30-days

2. That you utilize our one-on-one unlimited personal support if you do not show a solid profit after 5-days (this leaves plenty of time for us to ensure that you double your account value)

If you can find a better return policy...just show us. If you can find a better way to make money, just tell us....and we'll buy it from you!

So what are you waiting for? Get access to these videos right away ...

Invest With Confidence With Our
Exclusive 110% Money Back Guarantee


No Shipping or Handling Charges!

NOTE: Your Training Videos Will Be Available for Immediate Viewing From Our Password Protected Video Training Page.  Your Password Will Be Sent to You Automatically by Email so You Can Start Your New Business Any Time of Day or Night....so Start Now!

The videos are in a Windows Media file and can be viewed using RealPlayer, QuickTime or Windows Media player.

Now I could add a bunch of unrelated bonuses to beef up this offer as I see a lot of my competitors doing. But I'm sure you're smart enough to see through those sales gimmicks.

Frankly, I think that all the bonus you'll need is the unlimited phone support that we provide to our members. What others are charging a monthly fee for we offer to you for FREE! If you need to know how to market ebooks on the internet you can find that at another website. But you're here because you want to learn the e-currency exchange market and fast.

Still not convinced? 

Sound too good to be true?

Just call me and I'll answer all your questions:

No Shipping or Handling Charges!


Where Will You Be
1 Year From Today? 

  • Will you be living your dream or still punching a clock for that same dead end job?  

  • Will you honestly be any closer to financial freedom?  

If you don’t like the answer you get… you should allow me to help you do something to change it.  For you to get different results in your life, you’ve got to do something different. 

Why not invest in yourself  and learn how to create an extra income stream? With this program you’ll discover the real secrets to generating true wealth and personal freedom. And $299 is a drop in the bucket for investing in a business that will enable you to double your account value every single month.

And with our 110% percent Guarantee, what do you have to lose? Don't miss this opportunity!


To Your Investing Success!

Gary Jezorski

P.S. Remember...our program is Fully Supported with real live people and a member's page that's updated continuously.  Call our competition...then call us.  See who answers the phone faster. 

If they won't answer the phone before they have your money, what do you think will happen AFTER they have your money?

No Shipping or Handling Charges!

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